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Mike Yaconelli’s book “Messy Spirituality” provided the theme for DiscipleNow 2017, a weekend for Youth to focus on how to follow Jesus through the messiness of adolescence. We talked about how God uses messy, imperfect Bible characters to tell the world’s greatest story, and if God could use them then surely there’s hope for us!

We ate a lot of great food (thanks to the World’s Greatest Hosts: Dave and Shelly Worsley and Sandra Canipe’s Circle!), and we got together with other Greensboro churches for messy games, a great fellowship that evening, and we served the homeless a meal and led worship for Church Under the Bridge Saturday night–in the middle of a thunderstorm that produced an amazing rainbow!


What was the best part about the weekend? Glad you asked!



“My favorite thing about the weekend was feeding and serving the homeless because after the storm it felt like God looked down on us and smiled which gave me a warm feeling.” ~CJ Tillotson






“I learned that no matter how dark your life may get, God will always be there for you.” ~Davis Baugh



“The most impacting and influential part of the retreat was getting to serve at church under the bridge and listening to the speaker’s story about how God can help us accomplish goals.” ~Graham Bland


“The most meaningful part to me was helping out at Church Under the Bridge. Sometimes we can have in our minds what a “homeless person” is like, but this helped me realize that they’re just like us! And the most fun part for me was getting to hang out with new people and playing messy games with them.” ~Lauren Worsley