“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.” John 1:5

mollie-star2-blgMy family is known for losing things easily. We lose keys. We lose glasses. We lose phones. We lose books. We rarely lose anything for good, but we often spend a good chunk of time each day searching for some item that has been misplaced.

Very often, one of us will walk into a room to look for a lost object, and won’t even bother to turn on the light. We are guilty for assuming the lost object will simply jump out at us from its hiding spot.

But, when we take the time to turn on the light and look under a heavy pile of papers, or on a dark shelf, or in the shadowed corners of a bedroom, we find those lost objects much more quickly. We simply have to choose to turn on the light. And so it is with the entrance of Jesus into our lives.

When light enters our lives, everything changes. What seemed hopeless before becomes possible. What seemed full of despair becomes joyful. We see more clearly what was hidden before.

When we invite Jesus’ light to shine in us and through us, the dark places of our hearts are made brighter. The love and grace and mercy we have misplaced are all found. Even our darkest, most desperate moments cannot overcome the light of Christ in our lives.

In the very beginning, and in the midst of all things, Jesus has been there. And Jesus continues to offer each of us light and life. This Advent may we be guided to invite that light into our hearts, into our thoughts, and into our actions. And may we be reminded that the center of this Advent journey, and the Christmas story, is the Word of God who came to live among us to shine the light of God on all creation.

Rev. Courtney Willis is an ordained Baptist minister who is married to Stephen, and they have a 7-year-old son, Berkley. They are an adventurous family who loves to travel. Courtney can also be found dancing (ballet, tap and jazz), singing, reading or creating hand-lettered art.